Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

At Edelweiss, we strive to ensure our clients’ health and safety at all times. Whether our clients are in a peripheral part of the world for either work or vacation, we aspire to ensure the health and safety of not only the crew but everyone on board by constantly providing medicine, medical supplies, and medical support.

Edelweiss provides a variety of services such as Medical Kits, Medical Chest Certificates, Inventory Management, Telemedicine, and Crew Training to ensure maximum preparation and quick response in the unfortunate event of an incident or injury.

Medical Kits:

We provide the most trustable medical kits that are in accordance with all international governing bodies (WHO, Maritime & Coastguard Agency MCA, various flag registration & regulations).

Kits are specifically designed to be compact, simple to use, and easy to store for all users, from superyachts to families sailing around the world.

Medical Chest Certificates:

We handle the entire Medical Chest Certification process, including requirements assessment, inventory review, restocking, and issuance. Following this, an exclusive EMS technology-based software is used to provide full inventory management solutions (Tracking, Compliance Monitoring, Medications & Medical Equipment Replenishment, and Expiry Dates Monitoring).


Our team provides Tele medical Support provided by doctors specialized in remote medicine, medical training and a wide range of commercial and bespoke medical kits.