Crew Recruitment

Crew Recruitment

We are a reliable source of a broad range of first-rate recruitment, internal, safety and technical training services.

Edelweiss builds up your yacht staff on board under the division of recruitment and training and works to use its strategic human resource experience in locating the best crew for your yachts, in compliance with MLC 2006.

The clients will have immediate access to a range of positions and potential staff that can range from captains, first officers, deckhand, engineers, stewards to chefs or even diving or jet-ski instructors.

In addition, we believe that the maritime and yachting word is ever changing, thus we strive to consciously enhance the knowledge and skills of the crew to be able to better adapt to the changes in this field.

All crew members receive extensive internal, technical, and safety training to achieve our high standards, and additional external training is offered in accordance with legal requirements.

Contact us for more information on how can we support you in the recruitment or training processes.