Cleaning Services & Laundry

Cleaning Services & Laundry

We provide a turn-key, cost-effective solution to alleviate the hardship of vessel maintenance by diligently cleaning, treating, and protecting every area on our client’s vessel. Edelweiss’s team meticulously accomplishes profound yacht cleaning to ensure that our client’s yacht is not only sparkling clean but also properly maintained to avoid any possible technical problems in the future.

Laundry & dry cleaning services:

At Edelweiss, we believe that first impressions are critical, especially when the owners or their guests are on board, so our devoted cleaning and laundry team will assist in all types of dry cleaning and laundry services to provide our clients and their guests with clean garments and fine linens.

Our dry cleaning and laundry service offers each garment personal attention and care at every stage, with hand-finishing and minor repairs performed as needed, before the packaging and delivering stages back to our client’s yacht.

For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance by our cleaning and laundry department’s representatives.